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Seneca Lake

Monday, May 2, 2016

Loss of life

With sorrow follows joy. Difficult but achievable. How? By reflecting, pondering, looking beyond what you see, hearing beyond what you hear and feeling beyond what you feel. The fact you lost a loved one to death doesn't change, only your perception. Perception may grow to an overwhelming sense of despair or may be minimized to a healthy, calming memory. 

We are but a small living being in vast amount of space. To not believe this is as small as the area the body takes up. To remind us that life goes on after losing a loved one watch the rolling water of a river pass you by. It is carrying the seen and unseen life forms. Water is the blood of all life forms. Animal, marine, plant, microorganisms, and human. Without water life could not survive. Water helps create and sustain life. Rolling water is the perfect visual metaphor to remind us that life carries on. This is joy.

To put loss of life and the grief that follows in your mind's eye reflect on the river's edge. There are small circular pockets along the sides of the river where the water lies stagnant. Nothing gets in therefore nothing gets out. It swirls round and round.  What is trapped within the jagged walls surrounding stagnant water festers. Organic matter has broken down from its original form and function. It is gone. This is grief.

We all know that life has an expiration date. Death is the means to an end. We have all experienced a death of a loved one. Whether it's human life or a pet's life. The sorrow is painfully felt by those left behind. Loss. The loss of the very companion you loved and spent every day life with is gone. No longer there by your side. No longer there in your home. No longer looking back at you. Feeling despair caused by loss may be so overwhelming you find yourself re-living the death over and again. The sorrow may grow to an unhealthy level you find yourself a prisoner within the confines of your own mind. Hence, stagnant water. 
Questioning begins. “Why?” “Was there something else I could have done?” Then guilt. “I never should have raised my voice.” “what else could I have done."  We must remind ourselves death is the final chapter of life. It will happen.
Once all medical efforts have been exhausted and the efforts to maintain quality life and treatments are no longer effective, we can unequivocally say we have done our best. Mother Nature is taking over. 
We ask GOD to provide the strength needed to overcome the sorrow that torments us every day and invades our mind during our sleep. The sorrow is so powerful that daily life is just something to do just because. Nothing seems to be important. Nothing seems to matter. Life has become mundane, robotic and existence meaningless.

Personally I believe the question for GOD is to bless us to accept death in the same way we accept life. We must forgive ourselves so we can move on. We love the departed so much and feel strongly connected to them that it seems impossible for their life to be gone. It is through prayer, awareness and understanding the impossible is possible. Life is a delicate balance between holding on and letting go. This revelation will allow joy to cut through sorrow.

Make a valiant effort not to look at what's wrong in your life but to thank GOD for what's right in your life. Stay positive, move forward and always be grateful you were able to spend your life with who love for as long as GOD has allowed.

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June 27, 2002

December 9, 2015

Friday, April 29, 2016

Is Life Insurance Costly?

The true cost of life insurance. 3 out of 4 people believe they have a good understanding of life insurance. But do they really? When asked specific questions of life insurance they don't understand the different types of life insurance, how it works and the benefits that come along with it.  When it comes to cost, ideas are all over the board. People throw numbers around and they have no idea how they came up with that number. That "number just sounds right" to them.

Fortunately, business does not work that way. There would be no thought, no structure, no logistics, no analysis, no statistical means on conducting business. It would just be, "well that number sounds good so lets use that one." Doesn't make any sense does it? Businesses would collapse and households bankrupt without any true mathematical sequence used to generate a number. Math is incorporated into everyday life.

When asked how much a yearly premium would be for a 20 year level term policy with a face value of $250,000 the answers were all guessed. People could not define what level term meant therefore, were unable to provide an educated guess of premium. It was obvious people did not understand the question and numbers shouted out reflected their lack of understanding of life insurance.

When asked to explain the difference between whole life and ordinary life insurance policies, their brains froze. It was a trick question, there is no difference. Yet the general public still offer uneducated opinions.

Annual premiums on life insurance is much less expensive and more budget friendly than you think. The value added benefit of having life insurance far outweighs any monthly bill you have. Cost of life insurance is less than your cable bill, less than your phone bill, grocery bill. etc. One vacation could pay for many years of insurance premium.

So, to answer the question, "Is life insurance costly?"  The answer is yes. Life insurance is costly. It is costly for NOT OWNING A POLICY.

Before you say no or render an opinion on something you know nothing about, do due diligence and take the time to learn how insurance can prevent you and your family from falling into an financial trap of no money to pay bills.

 Learn more at

The more you know,

Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Senior Account Services

I am writing to inform all clients that I will no longer be representing Transamerica and affiliates.
As of March 20, 2016 I will be ending my insurance representation contract to pursue other interests.
This means I will no longer be consulting on clients' accounts.

I want to assure you that your account will not suffer as all of my clients are being transferred within Transamerica. If anyone would have any questions regarding my resignation,  please contact me up until March 20th.

I will, however, continue writing on the importance of having life insurance incorporated into your financial portfolio.

Transamerica and affiliates have value added policies that are an intricate part of financial health. I encourage all clients to continue to maintain premium payments as your policy will be there in time of need.

Thank you to Transamerica for this wonderful opportunity to represent your products. And thank you to all my clients for allowing me to help you financially strengthen your product portfolio.

Good health,

Trisha M. Pacenti RN, BSN

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Life Insurance term vs. whole

When you are buying life insurance, make sure you know what type it is and how the policy is structured. If you have life insurance in force, make sure it is not disguised as term insurance.

Term insurance ends at term. If you outlive the end of term insurance, all the premium you paid for the last 10 or 20 years is gone. It does not build cash value. It does not renew. You must go through the application process again. One of the deciding factors of premium is age. The older you are the higher the premium. If you pass away when your term insurance is no longer in force, you have no insurance to pay for final expenses. Your family will be financially burdened by the high cost of death related expenses.

The final expense programs offer guaranteed premium will never change and will provide funds to your survivors when they need it most as long as premiums are up to date.

Beware of programs that have a decreasing death benefit. While premiums typically remain unchanged, the amount of coverage you leave your loved ones can be drastically reduced. The final expense programs Transamerica and Mutual of Omaha offers have guaranteed death benefit that will never decrease.

Beware of companies that have association fees. They will market guaranteed premium programs disguised with other fees. The life insurance premium rate is guaranteed but the association fees can increase at the company's discretion. The final expense programs offered by Transamerica and Mutual of Omaha have no association fees. Therefore, the rates will never increase.

Does your current life insurance cover you for both accident and illness? If your death is caused by illness and your life insurance is accident only, your family will not collect the death benefit from that policy.

Transamerica and Mutual of Omaha offers insurance policies that cover both accident and illness. There is no waiting period and coverage begins after the first month's premium is collected. Death does not wait until you are ready. Be prepared and be completely covered. The application process is easy and quick. The turn around time for coverage is up to 2 weeks with an average of 5 business days. Life insurance is the 2nd largest purchase in life but is is the most important purchase in life.  

Visit my website for additional information. I look forward to getting you financially protected.

Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN

Women and obesity

Obesity, or too much body fat, is a chronic disease that is a health threat for women at every stage of life. Obesity is linked as a contributing factor to serious health conditions. As the prevalence of obesity has grown significantly, obesity has become the second largest cause of preventable death in the United States, following tobacco. Today's children and young adults are on track to mature into the most obese generation in US history, creating pressure on the health care system to deal with fat related disease.

As much as we like fast food, it will cause weight gain. Salts cause water weight gain giving that bloated feeling. Your body will breakdown the fat using what it needs for cellular energy and growth while the rest will be distributed and stored. American obesity has been linked scientifically to the typical American diet that is high in fats, salt and sugar. Sodas and juices are high sugary and acidic drinks. The acid will weaken and strip away tooth enamel. The sugar is empty calories and will essentially cause hunger and crave more sugar.

As women age, our metabolisms slow, hormone levels fluctuate and energy decreases. Lack of regular exercise and a sedentary lifestyle will cause weight gain. If we don't keep our eating habits in check and make the right food choices, packing on the pounds is easy to do. Having the "I just don't care" "I've always been heavy" "I've tried to lose the weight but can't" way of thought is self-defeating. Don't make the possible seem impossible. The first step in losing weight is to believe you can. Otherwise, the lackadaisical attitude will keep you on the merry-go-round of mood changes and health risk. A positive attitude toward food choices and exercise will help maintain a healthy weight.

Unhealthy diets and obesity will lead to:
Obstetric and Gynecologic Complications, Cholecystitis and pancreatitis, sleep apnea, Stroke, surgical complications and longer recovery times, Type 2 Diabetes (NIDDM),
Breast Cancer, low back pain, arthritis.

The risk of developing hypertension and cardiovascular disease is increased with the coexistence of obesity and type 2 diabetes increasing morbidity and mortality. Body weights 20-30% above the ideal have mortality rates 2.5 to 3.3 times higher than for those of normal weight with type 2 diabetes!

Given all the scientific evidence and what we know, the percentage of overweight and obese Americans remains at an all time high. Making healthy food choices, incorporating exercise and living an overall healthy lifestyle is wiser and safer than choosing a life with a high risk health threat.

Good Health,
Trisha M. Pacenti

Sunday, January 24, 2016

How winter weather effects health

Why is it important to dress accordingly? Simply wearing a hat on your head will keep you warm as most of your body heat escapes through the top of your head. Cold air is an irritant to mucous linings. When cold air irritates the mucous lining there is an increase of mucus secretion. Runny nose and phlegm are the result of an irritated mucous lining. This compromise within the mucous lining places you at risk for lower and upper respiratory illness.

Cold air constricts the blood vessels. When blood vessels constrict, the heart will beat harder and faster to maintain blood flow throughout the body. As a result blood pressure increases, a blood clot may form and the risk for stroke increases. An individual who does not exercise on a regular basis, generally out of shape, a smoker, you are at risk of suffering a cardiac related event just by shoveling snow. Snow shoveling is enough to cause increased physical exertion and added cardiac stress. This can be devastating to individuals who have a cardiac history, such as high blood pressure or cardiac stents. Diabetics are also vulnerable to cold air crisis'. Blood vessels in diabetes are damaged due to the break down of the interior lining of the blood vessel wall. People with asthma are at risk. The bronchial tree in asthma is irritated and inflamed with increased fluid production. The sudden swallow of cold air could trigger a respiratory constriction.

Going from a warm home to the cold outside is just enough to create a health problem. The sudden extreme flip-flop in temperature is a shock to the human body. Take caution and dress to prevent cold air health crisis.

The more you know. 

Good health,
Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN