Friday, December 19, 2014

High cholesterol isn't the only enemy of heart health

Cardiovascular issues are the #1 cause of health concern in America. It is also know as the silent killer. Cardiovascular illness is unknown until symptoms occur such as headaches as a reflection of very high blood pressure or you suffer a stroke or heart attack. Going for regular check ups from your physician will help you keep a vigilant eye on how your doing. physician during your annual physical. With millions of baby-boomers entering their fifties and sixties, there is an increasing demand for a better, easier and natural way to improve and protect heart health.

Those tasty high-fat and cholesterol rich foods Americans love can create unhealthy cholesterol that is harmful to the heart, especially as we age. OTC products flood the market claiming to reduce cholesterol without side effects. The problem with these products may have side effects and may not even address another problem known as cholesterol lipid peroxidation. This is a process which free radicals cause structural damage to the cholesterol in your body making them even more harmful to your heart and arteries.

The best way to treat elevated cholesterol is take medication prescribed by your physician, get lab values checked as needed, usually the liver profile as these drugs are metabolized through the liver pathway and follow a heart healthy diet.

Aging, our environment, dietary and lifestyle choices cause free radicals that cannot be avoided. Left unchecked, they can turn healthy cholesterol levels into unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Be smart, be kind to your heart.

Good health,

Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN