Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Have Life Insurance?

Why have life insurance?

Everyone knows that life is ever changing and anything can happen at any given moment. The importance of preparing will provide peace of mind knowing there is a plan in place. Life insurance will cover the unpredictable and exorbitant expenses associated with end of life issues.

Of course it is a personal choice. The world is nothing without free will. Everything must be carefully considered when financial stability is brought into question. It is whether you are willing to take those risks and use your individual situation to your own advantage. We all have heard the tragic stories happening to people who experienced a sudden loss of a loved one and no life insurance was in force. The survivors are left with a major financial burden and many unanswered questions.

It is so important to do your research and decide which type of life insurance and how much to have that best fits your needs. Each of us has our own situation that is different from our neighbors and friends. Only you know what goes on in your household. Keep in mind, what may be best for someone else does not necessarily mean that is the best thing for you. Which is why YOUR needs must considered when purchasing a policy.

So, why have life insurance? Just a couple reasons:

Reason 1

Do you have any bills, a mortgage? This alone is a pertinent reason to have life insurance. This major bill will be paid off and not left to your survivors to deal with.

Reason 2

Young, fit and healthy? Then this is the best time to get life insurance. Your premium will be affordable and if you take out a policy that allows you to keep the same premium until the age of 65, you will have considerable savings... the earlier you start, the better. And then if you develop any health issues throughout your life, it doesn't matter, because you already have the policy in force.

Reason 3

Are you married? Do you have a domestic partner? Should you parish and leave no money behind to help cover bills, you now just placed a heavy financial burden on your loved ones. Do you want to put them through added financial stress on top of the emotional turmoil caused by your death?

Reason 4.

Peace of mind. If you develop a terminal illness, your life insurance will pay out a lump sum upon confirmation from your treating physician. You will have the money to help get your affairs in order.

Having life insurance is a small piece of the pie to make sure you and the future of your family are fully protected.

Good Health,
Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Skin Cancer is the #1 Cancer in America

Did YOU Know....
* 1 in 5 people will get skin cancer.
* There are 1.3 million NEW CASES of skin cancer yearly.
* Melanoma- the most dangerous of all skin cancers, risk has doubled in the last 10 years.
* >90% of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure.
* Those who use tanning booths are at a 75% increase risk of developing Melanoma.
* Women <39 years old have a higher probability of developing Melanoma.

Summer is here and people will be spending their time outdoors when the sun's intensity is at it's highest: between 10am-4pm. The sun weakens the body's immune system thereby reducing your defense against infection. When at the beach, the sun is about 80% stronger when reflected off the sand. Overcast days are not any safer than clear days, as 70-80% of ultraviolet rays pierce through the clouds.

What are UVA and UVB rays?
They are ultraviolet light rays carried by the sunlight that reaches the earth. UVA and UVB rays affect the skin's sensitivity to sun exposure in different ways.
UVA: the aging rays.
* Penetrate deeply into skin layers damaging collagen and cells.
* Causes wrinkling, hyper-pigmentation and elasticity loss.
* 50 times more prevalent than UVB
* Present every day of the year.
* Pass through windows. Yes even your car windows!

UVB: the burning rays.
* Affect the outer layer of skin: epidermis.
* Causes hyper-pigmentation: freckling, dark spots, sunburn.
* Vary at time of day but stronger during Summer.

Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. A few quick tips to be sun smart:
1. Daily use of a broad-spectrum suncreen. Protect against both UVA and UVB.
2. Apply before going outside. Doing so provides ample time for the sunscreen to be absorbed.
3. Use high SPF suncreen to block the burning rays.
4. Avoid over-exposure during peak time hours.
5. Wear protective clothing.

Tan skin does not give a "healthy glow". Conversly, suntanned skin is damaged skin. Over the years, skin is bombarded by sunlight. Skin cancer is caused by the cumulative effects of tan and burns. It is a precurser to skin cancer.

For more information visit the American Cancer Society's website.

Good Health,
Trisha M. Pacenti, RN,BSN