Friday, April 3, 2015

Why should you care?

If you don't care and complain, then why should the person your complaining to care? If you don't care, then why are you complaining? The fact your complaining should tell you that you do care and the very thing or situation your complaining about is bothersome to you. Cease the complaining be pro-active and figure out a solution. Put the plan in motion and start your way to positive changes. Leave the negativity buried.

Let me make this relative to you. There are people who don't care about a lot of things. They should but they don't. The people who share this same way of thinking or lack there of are non- productive and self- destructive. Such a waste because no one benefits from this
frame of mind. The only person your fooling is yourself.

I write this article because of the amount of "I don't care (s)" I hear from people during life insurance conversations. Why don't they care?

What that translates to is; I don't care who pays the bill because I'll be dead. I don't care what my family decides because I'll be dead. I don't care where they get the money because I won't be here. I don't care about the money because someone else will pay for it. I don't have to pay for anything because the government will take care of it.

Really? Is this the legacy you wish to leave behind? Do you wish a financial crisis on your family? Do you want your family facing potential financial difficulties? Do you want your family to make last minute decisions because you don't want to take the time to plan? Do you want to be a burden?

Why should you care? Why should anyone care? Why should I care?

Because it's human.

Take time to care. Be responsible.

Trisha M. Pacenti RN, BSN