Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pet rescue vs. over priced designer dogs

A designer dog is a dog intentionally bred for desirable traits. These dogs are a hybrid of 2 purebreds. They are given fancy breed names that end in oodle or poo. The designer dogs are not a pedigree and are not recognized breeds by the AKC. People are under the assumption the designer dog doesn't have the health problems or shedding issues the pedigrees and mixed-breed have. Well, no matter how good your top rated breeder may be, you cannot breed away health problems. 

If 1 designer dog doesn't have a common health problem the breeds it came from has, does not mean he/she won't develop any health problems. Hybrid dogs can still have genetic anomalies. 

People pay a lot of money sometimes as high as $1200.00 and even higher for a so-called designer dog. People make themselves believe their getting a hypo-allergenic, non-problematic, 100% healthy dog for the next 20 years. Bottom line, those buying a designer dog are paying top dollar for a mixed breed. 

Just a thought, wouldn't it make  financial and ethical sense by adopting a mixed-breed that is easily found at a shelter? The money you spend on 1 designer dog could help spay/neuter, provide food, vaccines and save the life of several sheltered animals.

By adopting a dog from a rescue facility you are saving the animal's life. You are removing the animal from a cold, smelly shelter and bringing him to a warm, loving home. Through the adoption process you are providing more space for another homeless, unwanted dog. In essence, you are helping save 2 lives.

Unfortunately we live in a society who disposes dogs like old toasters when they don't behave they way we them to or financial issues arise or a new baby joins the family.
Suddenly people need to make changes that are more suitable for them so the first to go is the family dog. If you are family planning and there is talk, complaints, arguments over who is going to take care of the dog, my advice is to go no further, DO NOT OWN A DOG.

We don't discard our children when crisis' arise but we find it acceptable to discard the dog. Dogs are not to be disposed of. They are living creatures.

All those potential dog owners, please make sure you can provide a stable home for your new pet and put your money where the most good it will do, your local animal shelter.

Smart choices,

Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN