Friday, October 17, 2014

Current Ebola Outbreak

Ebola is not transmitted through the air like the Flu virus. The Ebola virus is very weak outside of the host and dies quickly on surfaces. A bleach solution will kill the virus and so will soap and water. As with any other virus, Ebola can evolve by changing it's protein, thereby making the virus more virulent and highly transmittable. 

Should the Ebola virus mutate and becomes airborne like the Flu virus, a pandemic will likely occur.There is no vaccine to prevent Ebola.

You are more likely to get into a car accident on the way to the store than you are if sitting next an Ebola infected individual on an airplane.

At this point, the spread of Ebola is through direct contact with bodily fluids of an infected patient. Vomit, diarrhea, blood, urine carry the highest amount of the virus thereby making the fluids highly infectious. Reason said due to the large volume of fluids. Larger volumes house larger amounts of the virus.

So, what to do. Don't place your hands in vomit, diarrhea, blood, or urine then touch your eyes, nose, mouth or don't touch an open wound. Parents, tell your kids the same. Use a hand sanitizer after touching public surfaces. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.

The more you know.

Good health,
Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN