Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cardiac Care: Be Heart Smart

Heart disease is the number 1 health related killer in the United States with cancer a close second. Every 33 seconds a person in the US dies from a heart related condition. Problems with the heart do not discriminate by age or gender, and all too often they occur when you least expect them. Getting sick is always an inconvenience and robs you of enjoying life to its fullest. There are factors in your lifestyle you can change and those factors you cannot. Either way, it your responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle and go for your annual examinations. Health care is accessible.

Some individuals suffer a cardiovascular event after sudden, acute symptoms arise. Others, may have chronic conditions that go undetected with no symptoms. While diagnoses vary and each individual is unique, the heart of the matter is that early detection of any underlying illness is the key to getting medical care as early as possible.

Good Health,
Trisha M. Pacenti RN,BSN